J&B manufactures parts and products in any quantity, from small to large sizes. Our machine shop utilizes manual and CNC equipment, which gives us the flexibility to change set-ups on various machines quickly and to produce large runs of dimensionally duplicated parts. Our fully automated precision laser cutting equipment accurately cuts up to 1" material in sheet sizes up to 5' x 10'. This allows you to be more competitive with speed of product delivery, customization and new product introduction. We strive to satisfy every reasonable machining requirement with speed, quality and a commitment to excellence.


Different environments and applications can dictate your choice of materials, and J&B Industrial Services can assist you in your selection of the best material for your products. J&B offers precision machining services in a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials including stainless steel, brass, bronze, aluminum, iron, delrin, exotic materials and many, many others. Tracable material test reports and certificates of compliance are available for all of your machined component products. Contact our team for more information on our capabilities to machine the materials required to meet your specific requirements.


Our customers depend on us to provide complete turn-key parts and assemblies that meet their specifications. J&B offers custom fabrication and assembly capabilities that serve a variety of industrial markets, which may help you find ways to lower your own manufacturing costs. We can produce parts at any stage of completion that you wish, from simple machined parts to ready-to-install coated parts and full assemblies.